Product : Unique Drug PenTests and Aerosols

Unique Drug PenTests and Aerosols

Unique Drug PenTests and Aerosols

PT. PACIFIC AMAN GARDA as Distributor of Detection and Identification Drug provide the newest and most effective presumptivfield tests available. 

All products provide both the capability to identify illicit substances and detection of residues that cannot be seen with the naked eye. All with wet chemistry products have a high level of sensitivity and will detect 20 nanograms orless of illicit substance; test results appear in just seconds and are based on colorimetric reagents which produce a unique color when they come into contact with narcotic substances.

The detection/ identification procesrequires ntechnical background or special training; testing can be performed "on the spot" and products are easy-to-use; simply WIPE, SPRAY/DROP, anREAD RESULTS. All products can be used botindoors and outdoors and in any weather condition.


Unique Drug  Aerosol Test Technology detects the existence of traces of drugs and identifies drugs in suspected materials. Our assortment of Drug Detection products provides the user with a distinct advantage in the field and laboratory. The products offer a convenient, fast and efficient testing process with immediate results.


PenTests incorporate an ampoule-based technology which detect a wide range of illicit drugs. The PenTest was designed primarily for easy carrying and for situations that do not require multiple tests.