Product : TruTouch Technologies

TruTouch Technologies

The future alcohol monitoring. Non bodily fluid, non disposables, non supervision.

TruTouch’s technology combines the state-of-the-art in alcohol testing with an integral biometric identity verification capability. It is a 100% noninvasive, touchbased measurement that offers significant improvements in safety and ease-ofuse relative to existing measurement approaches.

The TruTouch measurement is performed by transmitting light into the skin via contact with an optical touch pad, and collecting a portion of the light reflected back by the skin. The collected light is analyzed to determine the tissue alcohol concentration and to verify the user’s identity.

The light used in the TruTouch measurement is in the near-infrared (NIR) and is safe for human skin exposure. The light levels are less than the limits established by the FDA for nonionizing radiation (“orders of magnitude less that that required to cause skin heating or damage such as sunburn.”) It’s similar to holding a low-powered flashlight against one’s skin. It’s safe for both short and long-term exposure.

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