Product : TruNarc


Thermo Scientific TruNarc analyzer is a handheld Raman system for rapid identification of suspected narcotics, without direct contact for most samples

A single test for multiple controlled substances provides narcotics officers with clear, definitive results for presumptive identification with no user interpretation. Lightweight and easy to use, the TruNarc™ device delivers fast and accurate narcotics analysis anywhere it's needed.

With the TruNarc instrument, the accuracy and reliability of a narcotics lab are available anywhere you go. Narcotics, stimulants, depressants, hallucinogens and analgesics are all easily identified using lab-proven Raman spectroscopy. 

  • Single test, multiple narcotics. 
  • Identifies dozens of different narcotics in a single test, saving time and money. 
  • Easy to use. Provides clear, definitive results which require no user interpretation. 
  • Broad analysis capability. Analyze key drugs of abuse as well as common cutting agents, precursors and emerging threats such as synthetic cathinones ("bath salts"). 
  • Non-destructive, non-contact sampling. Scan directly through plastic or glass to minimize contamination, reduce exposure and preserve evidence. 
  • Automated data storage and report generation. Captures all scan results and self check results to help expedite prosecution. 
  • Computer admin. TruNarc Admin software captures all scan results including time and date stamp.

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