Product : Shanghai Rays-RScan 100100

Shanghai Rays-RScan 100100

RScan 100100 Multi-Energy X-Ray Security Scanner


1. 0,0787mm (AWG40) high-definition image, 34mm steel penetration.
2. Ultra-low X-Ray leakage, comply with domestic & international safety standard.
3. Double screen joint display, wider view and longer recognition time.
4. Drugs and explosive auto detection.
5. Hi-spot and HAD.
6. Support image format transfer, can be transferred to jpg and save to USB storage.
7. Modular design, self-diagnosis for important parts like X-Ray generator, detection boards array, light barrier, keyboard.
8. Convenient software and humanized hardware, special keyboard, zoom by mouse.
9. Real time monitor the temperature and humidity of important parts, in time alarming.

Download PDF : RScan 100100