Product : RaPort


Raman Handheld Analyzer

Bring qualities of laboratory molecular analysis to the field, RaPort secures precise material identification with utmost mobility. Fully portable device, lightweight, supplied with in-build battery and wireless data transfer, easily acquires spectra of prohibited materials and their compounds.

Have RaPort with your Android or Windows tablet / smartphone and enjoy the simplicity of analysis with EnSpectr mobile software. Create your own database, work with spectra, and manage measurement options within one user-friendly interface. Identify pieces of substance at the concentration as low as 1% due to unique algorithm of recognition and quality of measurements.

Features                                                         Benefits                                                                                        

- Real-time in-situ identification                 - Large database can be complemented by user                          

- Long battery life                                       - Simplicity and usability                                                             

- Bluetooth connection                                - Non-destructive detection                                                          

- Android / Windows software                    - Autonomus operations up to 6 hours

- Independent power supply & line supply  - Detection through transparent package

- Operating temperature 0 until + 40 C


- Security
- Pharmaceutical Industry
- Geology and Mineralogy

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