Product : RamMics M532

RamMics M532

Raman Microscope

RamMics M532 Raman Microscope integrates opprtunities of Raman Analyzer EnSpectr R523 Scientific Edition and Olympus CX-41 microscope adapted both for transmission and reflection measurements.

Wide functionality of RamMics M532 allows distinguishing particles of 2-3 micrometer size and differentiate them from ones with other chemical and physical properties, which open multiple research opportunities within one Raman system.

Excellent spatial resolution of 1 micrometer, spectral resolution 4-6cm-1 and a high efficiency (up to 7000 counts/s/mW from silicon plate) provide precise quality of measurements and repeatability. Due to its compact design and portability, RamMics M532 ensures high quality in-situ results with the minimum expences, and proves to be a truly indispensable tool for various application and researches.


Equipped with a motorized sample stage with a step from 0,36 micrometer (option), RamMics M532 turns into the World's Most Cost-Effective Micro-Raman system for automatic 2D mapping.

Benefits                                       Features                                                                                                                                                      

- Cost-effective Raman system   - High-precision measurements                                                        

- Compact size & portability     - Reflection & transmission measure                                                        

- Qualitative & quant analysis - Sample positioning & focusing in digicam                                                  

- Hi-tech system                       - 2D mapping (optional)                                            



- Forensic Analysis
- Pharmaceutical Industry
- Semiconductor & Solar Industry
- Food & Agriculture Industry
- Geology & Mineralogy
- Environmental Science
- Chemical Processes
- Medical Diagnosis
- Gemology


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