Product : RadEagle


RadEagle Radioisotope Idetification Device

Next Geeration Radio-Isotope Identification Device

The last decade has seen several novel technologies for spectrum analysis, driven mostly by the evolving requirements of both nuclear security and safety. With RADEAGLE exploiting the latest breakthrough research results in the field of nuclear detection and nuclide analysis, innoRIID provides you a scientific high-tech instrument far beyond the state-of-theart.

Spectroscopic precision - made in Europe

innoRIID has a new solution for these customers: RADEAGLE, a handheld-spectrometer and mobile, autonomous nuclear laboratory. Developed by engineers comprising over thirty years of professional experience in the radiation detection business.


Software & Intuitive user interface

The software of RADEAGLE is a gem of programming craftsmanship and its UI is remarkably easy and intuitive to use. Each numerical value is visually assisted by a dynamic intensity bar to indicate the strength of radioactive material. The instrument features e.g. a dose rate mode, a detection mode for efficient localization of sources and an expert mode for spectroscopic analysis allowing to visually inspect the measurement.

Identification applies artificial intelligence

Smart, so-called ensemble neurones form a multi-agent system that is deployed for nuclide identification. The system uses a memetic learning algorithm that adapts the reference data (templates) to the individuality of the instruments radiation detection sensors. This “neurospectroscopic brain” is capable to access the natural background radiation continuously and takes care of identifying the radioactive sources. The nuclide library of RADEAGLE contains more than 100 nuclides and exceeds the specifications of ANSI N42.34. It categorizes Special Nuclear Material (SNM), Industrial (IND), Medical (MED) and Naturally Occuring Material (NORM).

Special Nuclear Material

RADEAGLE identifies all relevant uranium isotopes including 238U, 235U, 232U, 233U. Algorithmically the 235U enrichment degree is calculated and displayed. RADEAGLE identifies also all relevant plutonium isotopes and designates their grades including reactorgrade plutonium and weapon-grade Plutonium. The rare 238Pu is also included in the library, as well, as 237Np.


Physical Properties

Dimensions248 mm x 115 mm x 152 mm
Display640 x 480 resolution, 89 mm (3.5") transflective color
BatteriesReachargeable NiMH batteries, can be charged inside the instrument or with external charger
Operation time>8h under standard condition, backlight off, with GM and He3
Waterproof15m (underwater variant only)

Radiological Charateristics


Ø 3" x 1" Sodium Iodide (NaI:Tl)

Ø 1.5" x 1.5" lanthanum Bromide (LaBr3:Ce)

Ø 1.5" x 1.5" Cerium Bromide (CeBr3)

FWHM Resolution
7.2% or better for 661.6 keV  137 Cs at ambient room temperature (for (NaI:Tl)

MCA / Energy range2048 channels, 15 keV - 3 MeV
Sensitivity> 2500 cps/(µSv/h) measured at 661.6 keV 137 Cs
Natural background, no internal source required !
Software features additionally, calibration on sources of the nuclide library
Dose Rate Range0.01 - 200 µSv/h (Scintilator) up to 1 Sv/h (GMtube)
LibrariesDefault, Medical, Industrial, Special Nuclear Material and On-Site Inspection