Product : Presumptive Drug Test (PDT)

Presumptive Drug Test (PDT)

Presumptive Drug Test, The Most Cost-Effective Field-Test Worldwide

PT. PACIFIC AMAN GARDA as Distributor for Drug Identification Products provide the newest  and most effective presumptive field tests available.


Presumptive Drug Test (PDT) provide the capability to identify an illicit substance.


Test results appear in just seconds and are based on colorimetric reagents which produce a unique color when they come into contact with narcotic substances.


The PDT is for Law Enforcement, Military, Security Agencies, Company (Human Resources Departments) and Homes.


Our collections of Drug identification products grant a distinct advantage in the field and laboratory. The PDT offers a convenient, fast and efficient testing process with immediate results.

The PDT is available in single and multi-drug ampoule based kit which can identify a wide range of illicit drugs. The PDT is a sealed system product, which will not leak and will not break.

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