Product : PANOSCAN MK-3


A New Generation in Panoramic Capture 3D and 360 Degree

Panoscan MK-3 camera system is the result of a cooperative development project between Panoscan Inc. and Better Light Inc. This camera was designed from the ground up to provide the best possible image quality attainable in a panoramic scene.

The Panoscan III camera is a mature technology that can produce a versatile high quality presentation. It can be used easily and relatively quickly at the scene to create either a spherical or cylindrical node in either UV/IR or visible light wavelengths. It can operate well in lowlight/daylight situations unaided or in no-light situations with the assistance of an attached but unobtrusive light. Panoscan is used widely within the photographic industry where high quality scenes are required.

  • Fast, simple to use at any scene.
  • Operates at reasonable speed in lowlight indoor scenes (single 40W globe per room). Capture rate is practical where several nodes are required.
  • Utilises it’s own light source to illuminate unlit scenes and except for a 240W AC power cord the light source is not visible in the scene (an optional power-pack may be available in lieu of the AC power supply). Panoscan light source can also be used as an additional light or fill light in low light scenes. Lighting illumination is even (no hot spots). Lights are sufficiently cool so that gel filters can be added to colour balance panoscan light to available light.
  • Can change lenses to produce either cylindrical nodes (good for large scenes –especially outdoors, or when minimal distortion is required) or spherical nodes (spherical good for small scenes – especially indoors). Capable of taking measurements in scenes. Claimed to be more accurate than measurements from Spheron (especially at longer distances using different lenses). 12-stop dynamic range allows for detail in many low/highlight areas of the scene. Panoscan also capable of High Dynamic Range (HDR) capture.
Download PDF : PANOSCAN MK-3