Product : Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector AT300A-X

Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector AT300A-X

Multi-Zone Walk-Through Metal Detector


High Sensitivity, 6 Zones Multi-zone Walk-Through Metal Detector for Security Screening Checkpoint Applications

- Multi-Zone, 6 Overlapping Real Detection Zones 

- Separate Zone Sensitivity Setting Feature

- Very high sensitivity. Can detect a Coin. 
- Strong anti-interference filtering circuitry.
- Audio-Visual Alarm Indications
- Designed and Produced for Indoor Operation

- Both Side Panels (Left and Right) has LED Zone Indicators for Precise Target Location.
- LED Zone Indicators on Both Entrance and Exit side of the WTMD Passage on Both(Left and Right & Front    and Back) WTMD Side Panels.
- Metal Density Mass Display LED Indication on WTMD Control Unit at Top
- Separate Alarm Zone LED Indications for 6 Different Height Levels of the Passage (6  Zone LEDs on     Control Unit) enabling clear understanding of the detections and precise target location.    

- RED/GREEN Pacing Lights at the Entrance Part of the WTMD Passage
- Can be equipped with a Built-in Battery Back-Up System for Continuous Operation Against Electricity Cut    Offs. Optional Battery Back-Up System may last 2-8 hours (Optional Feature at Extra Cost)
- Very High Detection Sensitivity. Sensitivity can be adjusted between 0 - 99 Steps.
- 8 Different Operation Frequencies to Select from for Interference Free Operation of Multiple WTMDs   installed next to each other

- Intelligent statistics: Can automatically count Incoming Traffic and Alarms
- Harmless: Very Low Frequency. Harmless to heart pacemakers, pregnant women and magnetic storage     media.
- Installation: Easy installation and Operation. A proper installation and dismantling takes approximately    20 minutes. 

Applications:  Security Screening Checkpoint Applications for Military, Police, Law Enforcement Agencies, Private Companies, Factories, Concert Halls, Schools, Casinos, Production Plants etc. where Security Metal Detection is required.

OEM Orders and Customized Design Requisites are welcome

Technical parameters :

Power                                  : AC90V-250V , 50HZ-60HZ
Consumption                       : <35W
External Dimensions           : 2200mm(h)*800mm(w)*500mm(d)
Net Passage                         : 2000mm(h)*700mm(w)*500mm(d)
Color                                   : Grey (Silver)
Gross Weight                       : 70 KG
Operation Temperature        : -20°C to +45°C
Standards Met                      : Conforms to CE, GB15210-2003

Chinese National Standard for Walk-Through Metal Detectors
Can detect NILECJ-STD-0601.00 (1974) Test Metals

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