Product : MIXSplitter


Raman Analyzer for Mixture

MIXSplitter reveals hidden properties of mixed substance cheaper and quicker than ever. The system automatically scans and identifies mixed substances compounds, ensuring up to 0,1% contaminant identification. The performed results of analysis state number of substances in the mixture and their concentrations.

MIXSplitter is equipped with a 2-axis scanning machine (translator) for sample scanning in a two-dimentional subspace vertical to microscope objective's optical axis. Professional software ensure real-time spectra measurements in automatic mode synchronized with step-by-step sample scanning, unknown substance identification and output of data statistic analysis.

No more week-time waiting for expensive and complicated lab only analyses by means of chromatography/chromatomass-spectometry, get the result of 1000 steps scanning in just 20 minutes with MIXSplitter.

Features                                                               Benefits                                                                                        

- 0,1% additive detection                                   - The most affordable tool for Trace Forensic                          

- 1 Micron-size focus                                          - No special skills required                                                             

- Up to 40.000 steps per scanning                      - Extremely time-saving analysis                                                          

- No limits for number of mixture compounds     - No spatial separation required

                                                                              - Result within 20 minutes


- Trace Forensics
- Pharmaceutics
- Narcotics ID
- Homeland Security

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