Product : LEMAX LX 70



More light for hundreds of applications...

With LEMAX LX70 you feel you have light from 2 cars in your hand !

Just 2kg lightweight searchlight packs in 7500 lumens (one car bulb has approx. 1350 lumens).

Switchable between 50W and 70W power gives you flexibility when you need it:

·         on 70W you have 7,500 lumens - maximum light power

·         on 50W you have 40% more burn time and still get exceptional good visibility over the terrain


The LEMAX LX70 is the perfect choice for everyday use – lightweight, powerful and customizable. With a wide range of accessories, the LX70 can be easily adapted for your specific needs – even in the field.

One searchlight in the hand delivers incredible light power to any distance human eye can embrace. User can see every detail from few meters up to a great distance.

·         LX70 Searchlight skyrockets productivity

·         LX70 Searchlight increases safety

·         LX70 Searchlight increases security

·         With LX70 Searchlight nothing stays hidden



The LX70 and its battery are created to be 100% reliable even in the harshest conditions – from extreme cold (-20°C) to extreme heat (60°C); deep water pressure (50m); impact shock and penetration hazard. Our specialized reflectors and heat sink body design prevent overheating even on a 70W continuous burn. The LX70 meets or exceeds all European and US military and industrial specifications for durability.




·         Significantly reduce arm fatigue with our shoulder straps.

·         External adaptor with battery cap with switch with 10m cable enables full remote control from a distance. Extension cable can also adapt the searchlight for roof and/or tripods.

·         External adaptor with cigarette plug allows you to remove the battery case and connect directly to a 9-16V DC power supply in a vehicle, helicopter or boat.

·         Recharge on the go with our car charger.



·         Yellow – yellow wavelengths have far less reflection on water particles and penetrate deeper through fog.

·         Diffusion – changes the tight-focus beam of the LX70 to a wide angle (floodlight) beam. Perfect for illumination a wide area at closer distances such as construction sites, emergency building and evacuation, and many other uses.



·         Dual power 7,500 lumen light unit with tripod mounting bracket

·         Rechargeable heavy duty Li-Ion battery with up to 2 hrs. continuous burn time

·         Detachable battery case

·         Battery charger (EU, USA or Australian plug; 100-240V)

·         Removable ergonomic handle

·         Heavy-duty protective case

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