Product : GEMINI


Two-in-One Chemical Identification Unit

Minimize Time on Target With the New Gemini Analyzer

Thermo Fisher Scientific has redefined performance and portability with the new Thermo Scientific Gemini, the World's First Analyzer and Only Handheld Raman and FTIR instrument.

Fast, Safe and Accurate

The Gemini Handheld Analyzer minimize time on target while delivering comprehensive and confirmatory results in a single, field-portable device, empowering military personnel, bomb technicians, hazmat teams and law enforcement also first responders to execute their mission quickly, safely and confidently.

The Gemini Handheld Analyzer

- Complementary and confirmatory test results
- Lightweight, compact, certified to MIL-STD-810G
- Raman & FTIR Scan Delay in One Analyzer 
- Customized profiles to set scan parameters
- Clear, color-coded, definitive test results


Dual Technologies for Complementary and Confirmatory Analysis

By integrating Raman and FTIR both into a single analyzer, operators harness the power of each technology while enabling a broader range of chemical identification.

Field-Proven Performance

- Comprehensive onboard library
- 24/7 reachback support
- Motorized anvil to adjust sample pressure 
- Scan assist to guide technology selection and sampling


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