Product : ASPEN 2000DM Water Purification Systems

ASPEN 2000DM Water Purification Systems

The most compact, versatile, full featured, computer controlled, energy efficient, mobile reverse osmosis system available today

The Aspen 2000DM is the most compact, versatile, full featured, computer controlled, energy efficient, mobile reverse osmosis system available today. All internal mechanical systems are mounted on a strong lightweight aluminum frame enclosed in a ruggedized military style case.

The 2000DM utilizes water sources ranging from fresh surface or well water to heavy sea (salt) water.  This versatility comes from a unique pumping and injection system, with a variable recovery rate, producing the maximum product flow from the feed water.

The energy required to operate the Aspen 2000DM is less than 1500 watts and is fully operational on 90/250VAC 50-60 Hz; or from a 24 to 28 VDC power source, the same used on military vehicles. Cables for both AC and NATO DC plug are provided with each system. The complete system operates on any of the small 2 KW or larger JP8 fueled military generators, or a small commercial generator.

The Aspen 2000DM automatically adjusts power demand to maximize efficiency. Energy efficiency is aided by the exclusive use of the patented second generation Energy Recovery Device “ER Pump”, allowing the system to produce drinking water at a substantial reduction of the energy used by a conventional RO purification system.  The ER Pump allows working pressure up to 1200 psi for operation in heavy salt water conditions.

Power and microprocessor controlled circuitry are housed in a compact, easily removed, Electronic Control Drawer “ECD” that features push button controls and a large LCD function display. The ECD monitors operations with audible and visual alarms and automatic shut down if necessary.  The Aspen 2000DM provides manual override controls for easy service; or operates in a basic mode if the computer controller fails.

An Electronic Pre-treatment Module “EPM” induces a small charge on impurities present in the feed water.  This aids in keeping the impurities from attaching to the membrane surface, greatly reducing biological growth and mineral scale. Additionally, the automatic flush system adds substantially to the service life of the system by reducing corrosion and biological fouling. The custom 1200 psi membrane pressure vessels are easily removed for membrane replacement and the high pressure hoses are oversized for better efficiency.

Interconnecting plumbing is made of easily removable sub-assemblies with cam-lock connectors.  All the valves and half of the sensors are part of these assemblies.  Removal of the Filter Housings and the plumbing assemblies provide easy access to the  pumps.  All of the pumps and motors are replaceable without removing the frame from the case.

An activated carbon Post Filter conditions the product water removing any unwanted after taste. A “UV” ultraviolet exposure unit kills or inactivates any possible microbes and viruses.  Both self contained devices are mounted on custom shock absorbing fixtures protecting them from damage under harsh handling.

EXTENDED USE ACCESSORY PACKAGES are available to include expendables and spare parts.

DIMENSIONS: The lightweight self-contained unit is 35 x 48 x 25” and is designed to fit a HUMVEE or small truck. The dry weight of the water treatment unit is approximately 400 pounds.


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