Full body security screening system

Checkpoint Personnel Security Screening System

Using only walk-through metal detectors for personnel inspection no longer meets the today's requirements for security at airports, seaports and railway stations.

Nowadays nonmetallic weapons, plastic and liquid explosives are widely used by terrorists while drug trafficking is more and more often realized with the help of ingested containers.

Dangerous items can be concealed not only under clothes but in body cavities and prosthetic devices.

CONPASS according to ANSI?HPS N43. 17-2009 is
- An innovative all-encompassing technology for personnel security screening based on the use of low dose X-Ray transmission radiation.
- Full body general use personnel security screening system.

Application Fields:
- Airports, seaports, railway and bus stations.
- Border crossing control for police or customs.
- Prisons control; prisoners, visitors and staff.
- Sensitive sites such as nuclear power plants, military premises, embassies.
- Security of VIPs.

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