Product : ADANI - BV 5030 - BV 6045 series

ADANI - BV 5030 - BV 6045 series


BV product line is specially designed to meet the main requirements of airports, customs facilities, carriers, parcel services. Dual-energy X-ray inspection systems (scanners) allow identification of weapons, explosives (including plastic explosives), drugs, fuses, and dangerous objects, which are safety hazard.

BV 5030 


Dual energy compact X-ray scanner with tunnel size 520 mm x 530 mm is intended for inspection of mails, hand-held baggage and other small items. Dual energy imaging provides automatic color coding of materials with different atomic numbers so that screeners can easily identify objects within the parcel.

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BV 5030 CA


Weighing 160 kg and having an ergonomic design the BV 5030CA can be easily relocated through most doorways and deployed even in restricted space areas without any need for special equipment or staff. The unique touch screen interface based on advanced software tools provides easy, quick and effective operation Automatic outlining of dangerous objects considerably reinforces accountability and consistent threat detection. The innovative technologies implemented in BV 5030CA enable accurate detection of metal and organic objects, weapons, explosives, liquids, narcotics, contraband etc. The BV 5030CA is a self contained solution intended to significantly improve checkpoint security without any negative effect on the operational process and troughput.

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BV 6045 

Key Features:

The BV 6045 is a cuttingng-edge baggage and parcel inspection solution. Due to its compact footprint the  X-ray machine maintains mobility and its easily into any existing infrastructure.

This X-ray inspection system can be marked out for its high throughput, flexibility, reasonable price and quick image evaluation. 

This advanced security system meets the requirements of airports, administrative buildings, hotels, business centers, prisons and border crossings.

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